3 Time Saving Tips for the Girl Boss on the Go

If you’re a busy bee like I am, then you know that time is always something you’re chasing after. Between running two businesses, having a personal and family life as well as enjoying some alone time, it can get a little crazy in my life. I have to say that amongst all the craziness, the one thing I can’t stand doing are errands. Like picking up dry cleaning, getting gas, running to the bank, etc., I just wish someone else could do it for me haha. While that’s not a possibility at the moment, I’ve put together a quick list of time saving tips for the Girl Boss on the go.

time saving tips for the girl boss on the go

Plan your day the day before

One thing that I’ve recently started doing is planning out my day, the day before. Rather than wakeup to a flurry of email and chaos, I pick and plan what I’m doing instead. I review a list of my to-dos, errands, meetings and calls and that way I am more prepared to handle the day ahead.

Simplify your errands

I’m all about finding the shortest point from point A to point B in all things in life. My list of weekly errands is super long but with the recent discovery of Dryel, I get to cut out the trip to the dry cleaners. If you have an errand you can either combine with something else or swap it out (looking at you grocery delivery!) then do it! It’s worth having the extra time to put towards more important tasks that matter to you and your work life.

Pick 3 things 

When my to-do list kept growing and growing I learned I really needed to pick and choose what needed to get done THAT day. Now, I keep a running top 3 list that no matter what I complete everyday. It helps keep me focused as well as feel like I’ve accomplished stuff throughout the day not just thrown into the workday chaos.

What do you do to save time while on the go?


Sayeh Pezeshki

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