A Moment in Time’s Office Makeover

When design is part of your everyday business, you’ve got to remember it when it comes to your workspace too. It’s not just that you want a pretty office, but your clients may question things if you’ve got a dark and dull office space. Jennifer House decided it was time to revamp her workspace, and what a difference! Take a look at her office transformation.



Sayeh’s Notes: This office is definitely an office I would work in. Giving your office a full makeover doesn’t need to be expensive. If you haven’t noticed already, A lot of the pieces in her space are from Ikea, yet it doesn’t give you the catalog vibe. I love every part of her office, and I’d have to say the panels would be my favorite. Jennifer did a fantastic job making over her office, and I’m happy I got to chat with her about the process.

Describe your workspace to us:

My workspace is best described as warm and welcoming with a modern twist.  I didn’t want it to have that “traditional” wedding planner feel, dripping with pink and white and bells and tulle.  I wanted it to feel “girly” but not too “girly” and modern, but not too modern 🙂  I tried to think about what a bride would want her wedding planners office to look like, what would make her feel comfortable during a 2 hour planning meeting.  I based much of it around my logo and only used a splash of pink here and there.  Against the gray base on the walls and the warms whites, the pink really stands out in the lighting and the decor, while not overwhelming my visitors with pink, pink, pink!

Why the office makeover?

The people who had my office before had been here for 15 years or so and it was desperately in need of some 1970’s wallpaper removal and major updating.  This was my first office out of the home since starting my business 5 years ago, and I wanted it to be just as I had imagined it in my mind.  My husband executed every detail down to the custom framing of the magazine articles.  It was all in my head, I just sketched it out and planned it out for him.  We spent many a day and night in Ikea!
Do you feel a difference in working in your new and improved office?

Absolutely!  I worked at this office for a short time before renovating it and it’s vastly different.  I’d say the biggest difference though, is not working from home and coffee shops anymore.  It’s so wonderful to have an office of my own.  I can spend hours here, it’s hard to get me to leave!  It’s quiet, serene and it’s my own.  Which is wonderful, priceless in fact.

Your favorite thing about your workspace?

I’d say my favorite thing about my workspace is the lighting.  I hate fluorescent lighting in offices and I spent time early in my career in poorly lit, or overly lit “cubicle farms” and I hated every second of it!  I love that I’ve created lots of options for brighter light, lower light, softer light etc.  No matter the meeting, the occasion or the mood, I’ve got a few different lighting options.

Use one word to describe your typical work day:

How about two?  Organized Chaos. Wedding Planning is a 7 day a week job with few breaks.  I sleep in January.  Meetings, phone meetings, more meetings, linens, cakes, dresses, time-lines, break-downs and melt-downs!  You name it, I’m doing it.  Every day is different, which makes it really interesting and really fun.  It’s the most fulfilling job in the world though, I truly enjoy every minute of it.

If you could be any office supply, what would it be and why?

A Paper Clip.  My job is to hold all of the pieces together!

Tell us about A Moment in Time Wedding and Event Production and what it means to work in a stylish, clean office space.

Securing and designing this office space is truly my biggest accomplishment to date.  I’ve won lots of awards in this industry and have racked up tons of accolades, all of which I’m incredibly proud of and worked very hard for. But, I didn’t feel as though I’d truly made it until the sign went up on the door outside.  I truly felt accomplished on my first day of work here on Main Street in little ol’ Plymouth Michigan.  I feel proud to have clients here for meetings and I feel so at peace putting in a full work day in this office space.


If you have a stylish, modern or cool office or office makeover  you want to feature on TheOfficeStylist, or you need help transforming your space, please email us at hi@theofficestylist.com. Located in LA? We’d love to stop by and take photos of your space and profile your business.


  • T says:

    Looks great! Such a huge change. Nice and warm and not cramped feeling.

  • Jen House says:

    So excited to be featured!!! 🙂 I love my office and I’m glad others do as well. Photo credit goes to Juliet Fuller of Juliet Fuller Photography. http://www.julietfullerphotography.com Thanks Jules!

  • Linda Schork says:

    The moment I first stepped into the newly finished office of A Moment in Time, I felt that here must work a woman who is ‘with it’, who has style, who is well organized and pays attention to detail. The office reflected all that while at the same time exuding a calm, welcoming, professional tone. Just from my surroundings, I knew I was in good hands.

  • SO pretty! I love Ikea for the home office. If you choose the right items and put them together well (never skip the wood glue, people!) you can have a lovely and functional office on a budget. You also did a great job with your accent colors!

    A very attractive space to plot a wedding. 🙂

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