Ada’s Bright Home Office Studio

Describe your office space to us

Here’s a verbal walk-thru tour of my office: when you walk into my office you are greeted by our office mascots (our fish!), we have tons of inspirational books and sourcing material so we installed a tall bookshelf with a ladder, our conference table is round (perfect fit and balance for our rectangular space), then we have my work desk (with my smile decal that greets me every work day) and behind my desk I display on the wall a collection of rooms I have designed, then we have our lovely colorful (aka: happy) wallpaper design on 1 wall, our file cabinet table with printer, and then our long desk for my assistants to work their magic.

Where did the inspiration for your office space design come from?

My inspiration came from how I wanted to ‘feel’ within my office … happy! So I added colorful design elements such as the wallpaper on 1 wall,  color swatches mounted on the wall, grandfather clock), the ‘smile’ decal on my work desk, and the rock (yes, an actual rock) from my wedding ceremony.

What is your favorite part/design of your office space and why? i.e. the arched window in the front office, etc.

Décor wise I love the color swatches on the wall because they are quickly accessible and bring color to the wall. , architectural wise I love the window viewable

Do you feel that having a well designed and inspiring office has changed the way you and your employees work?

Absolutely! With a well-designed room including color balance, furniture placement, decorative accents and more we feel happy, peaceful, inspired, and ready to start and end the day great.

Tell us about your company and what it means to you to have a well-designed office space.

My company provides 4 interior decorating services (full service, onsite consultations, eDecorating, and Skype video consultations) from all levels of affordability, and all with one mission – to help people feel great within their home/space by designing rooms that reflect their personality. A well designed office space means happiness and productivity which leaves space for continued inspiration.

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