Amanda Risius’s Bright DIY Home Office Studio Space

Cute Home Office Studio Space


Cute Home Office Studio Space


Cute Home Office Studio Space


Cute Home Office Studio Space


Cute Home Office Studio Space


Cute Home Office Studio Space


Where did the inspiration for your office design come from? Which stores or websites did you go to to purchase your office decor?

I’m drawn to white and clean lines, so the Parsons desk screams my name. I knew I wanted a bright color scheme, so when I found the fun and colorful pillow fabric, I used that as inspiration for the rest of my place. Pinterest is also a great source for inspiration! I’m really into mid-century modern designs and brought in some of those elements throughout my place. I thank Emily Henderson for that! She is amazingly talented and I find myself going back to her blog often for design inspiration, and she definitely has a mid-century modern flare.

Most of my decor is from either Anthropologie, Target, or thrift stores. I love thrifting because you never know what unique pieces you might find. It’s the perfect place to find conversation pieces that really make your home special.

What is your favorite part/design of your office design space and why?

My favorite part about the space is the color scheme. Since I have my apartment all to myself, I decided to take full advantage and make it super girly and fun with lots of pink.

Do you feel that having a well designed and inspiring office has changed the way you work?

I definitely believe that our environment affects the way we feel. For me personally, I love a bright and clean space. The white walls and cheery colors are inspiring but not distracting while I work, and I love the amount of light that comes in the windows. It’s a huge mood booster! Nothing is worse than working in a dark space and struggling to stay awake.

If you could use one word to describe the feel of your office space, what would it be?


Tell us about your company and what it means to you to have a well-designed office space.

I have been blogging at A Hammer & Heels, a home decor + DIY blog, for over a year now and I’m in the middle of a big blog redesign. As a kid I was obsessed with decorating my bedroom and flipping through home decor catalogs, circling everything I wanted for my future home. Years later when I was doing an internship, I felt uninspired and needed a creative outlet, so I started a blog to share my DIY and home projects. At the time I was a college student and I had a very small budget to decorate with, so I had to get creative. I’ve always enjoyed making things, and DIYing is an easy way to save some cash when decorating. I see something I want but the price isn’t right, so I make it for less. This entire studio apartment was decorated for a total of $500! I I’ve fallen in love with blogging and the connections and friends I have made. I never imagined it would have turned into what its become, and I’m thankful for opportunities like this to share my story (and office) with others! Having a well-designed office space is important because it gets me excited for the busy work day ahead, but it also is a true reflection of me.

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