Beth Beattie Branding, PR and Events Chic Office Makeover

What it looked like before!
More after shots

TheOfficeStylist: Describe your office to us:
I wanted my office to be comfortable yet sophisticated but not too girly. I chose the gray and white because they are two of my company colors and branding is very important to me. I am constantly consulting clients on how to develop their brand from logo to marketing materials and your office is a reflection of that too.
TOS: What is your favorite part of your office and why?
I love that my office is in the heart of Palm Beach. I am upstairs from two great clothing boutiques, near excellent restaurants and easily accessible to my clients.
TOS: What was your inspiration for your office makeover?
I wanted to incorporate my company pattern, so when I found the curtains from Ballard Designs I went from there.
TOS: How did you feel working in your office before your makeover?
I didn’t move anything in until I had decorated the space. When I first got my office is was four white walls.
TOS: How did you feel working in your office AFTER your makeover?
It’s a little piece of heaven. I love listening to Pandora, burning a candle and working away.
TOS: Do you feel it’s important to have an office/workspace you love in order to be happy at work/while working?
I think your environment is very influential of your mood, creativity and productivity. I always
joke I want to live in my office because I love all of the elements and now want my home to be
decorated more like my office.
About Beth: Beth Beattie is the founder of Beth Beattie Branding, PR and Events in Palm Beach, Florida. Her current accounts include national retailers, real estate developers, financial institutions and nonprofits.

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