Black + GOLD: The Cleopatra Inspired Office

Last month I attended the Cleopatra exhibit here in LA and was instantly inspired. I started thinking about what Cleopatra’s workspace was like (she was afterall a very busy lady) and what a modern Cleopatra inspired office would look like as well. The color palette that stuck out to me was the Black + Gold theme and of course the style was very lux too. I wanted to write this post back in August but its been a busy few weeks so now I’m excited to share a modern Cleopatra inspired office.

First let’s start with the inspiration, the Cleopatra exhibit

My version of a Cleopatra inspired office space

Like this style and want to infuse it into your own workspace? Here are some quick tips:

  • Add bold black and gold accessories to bring this look together or if you can’t replace bigger items like furniture
  • Choose gold accents with either wallpaper, furniture or frames
  • Think lux when bringing this look together, there are different versions of gold and what you’d looking for is bol lux look

What do you think of the Cleopatra inspired office? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Sayeh, The Office Stylist