Brunet Garcia

If we were to describe the offices of Brunet Garcia in three words they would be: Open, Colorful, Creative. Take an inside look with Sayeh as she talks with the folks behind the company and design of this rather red hot space.

Sayeh’s interview with Jorge Brunet-García, vice president and executive creative director of Brunet-García:

Where did the inspiration for your office space design come from?

The inspiration for the space came from the interior of the Bacardi Building, built in 1930 in la Habana, Cuba, which had an open office environment — there were no cubicles or walls separating one desk from another. The company president’s office was among the rest of the staff. That idea was later included in Mies van der Rohe’s beautiful design of the Bacardi Office Building in Santiago de Cuba which was never built due to the revolution of 1959.

The design of our space was inspired by Mies van der Rohe, Charles and Ray Eames, and Paul Rand.

What is your favorite part/design of your office space and why? i.e. the arched window in the front office, etc.

We have a monolithic red wall that greets you as you walk in. It sets the tone for the rest of the studio. I love that red wall!

Do you feel that having a well designed and inspiring office has changed the way you and your employees work?

A well designed space, furnished with esthetically pleasing furniture and interesting art inspires creativity, encourages communication, diversity and playfulness — all things that make work something that we like to do rather than something that we have to do.


Tell us about Brunet Garcia and what it means to you to have a well-designed office space.

We are creative services company, an open environment allows for different teams to communicate seamlessly when working on strategies, tactics and creative executions for our clients. It also engenders personal contact and relationship building among all members of the team. It is of utmost importance to the spirit of the agency to have an inviting, comfortable, casual and modern workspace.

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