CanvasPop: Print your photos, art, and more on canvas

If you haven’t noticed, we are ALL about customizing your work/office space to whatever you wish it to be. That said, the art in your office is no exception and that’s where the folks over at CanvasPop come in.

Upload anything you want to create a print on canvas, in whatever size you want. You can choose from a photo, art, company messaging, logos and in this case, a collage I created. It was beyond easy to place my order on CanvasPop and when the print arrived I was really amazed. It exceeded my expectations, after all how often have I printed something on canvas(the answer would be never)? You can even choose different effects to add to your print and they’ll even send you a proof so you can see what you’re getting.-Sayeh, The Office Stylist

It goes something like this:

Not sure where to start? They’ve got tons of ideas over here.


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