Your Office Chair

You have two key things that go into EVERY workspace/office:



No matter what type of work you do, you always have a desk and chair of some kind. These are the two most important pieces of furniture that go into an office, but today let’s chat about your office chair. You don’t think about it often but that chair that you spend over 40 hours a week sitting in, is of vital importance to your work. If you’re uncomfortable, or just hate the way your chair looks, it’s going to effect your work day. Ultimately, it will also effect your work.

When choosing an office chair, choose wisely. Think about what you need the chair for, what you’ll be doing, the color, the look and how it will fit into your overall office space. List the top 3 things that are important for you and then go on the hunt. For me it would go like this:

1. Comfort

2. Look/Design

3. Price

Comfort, for most people will be number one but depending on your budget and design, other factors will matter after that. My top two places to find stylish, affordable office chairsĀ  are Ikea and West Elm.

What are the top 3 things YOU look for in an office chair?


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