Christa Elyce Photography

TheOfficeStylist: Describe your office to us:

My studio’s home office is now a peaceful, functionable, and stylish place where I can show off my photo + film work to clients but also show them a bit of me and my style. I had always dreamed of one day have rooms that look like pages out of Home + Gardens magazine and now I do. It’s everything I am. I love English gardens and elegance and I think that I couldn’t see how the look could infuse with my art and still be a workable space. When Amanda, of Amanda Carol Interiors, brought in swatches and inspiration boards everything was chosen purely on if it made me smile. Things I can’t live without or fall in love with will always make you smile…when it was finished I knew I loved this office because I couldn’t stop grinning!

TOS: What is your favorite part of your office and why?

I love my Restoration Hardware chairs, my antiqued walnut hardwood floors, and my very functionable console table that hides my office supplies, printer, and some paper work. But more than anything and what I get the most compliments on are the drapes. I had told Amanda my lover for Belgian linen being that I spent my high school years abroad in Mons, Belgium. I knew that Restoration Hardware had my Belgian linen drapes and I was ready to purchase them when Amanda found a way of conserving the money for something else in the room rather than the designer drapes. She showed me Home Depot drop clothes. My jaw just dropped. It looked the same. It felt the same. And the best thing is it came pre-hemmed! She also found Restoration Hardware look a like curtain hardware with mercury glass ends from Lowe’s. It completely frames the three windows of the room which I always felt were the eyes of our home.

TOS: What was your inspiration for your office makeover?

A bit Pottery Barn, a dash of Martha Stewart’s home, and a sprinkling of my many european adventures.
TOS: How did you feel working in your office before your makeover?
It was dark and edgy space. It was a space that became a “catch all” to our newly wed furniture. I didn’t want to spend much time in it. It really shaped how I creatively developed my work. It too was edgy and trendy and it really wasn’t who I was inside. It had a red couch where I would meet and get to know my clients. My least favorite color is red. So nothing reflected myself. It was constant struggle between the artist I wanted to become and being bound by my own  limitations.
TOS: How did you feel working in your office AFTER your makeover?

Changing my studio’s office has definately been the best thing I’ve done for not only me, but for my business and my family. I no larger have a space that I’m embarassed of. I actually prefer to meet with my clients here rather than at a Starbucks in town. It has really helped convey who I am and my style of work to potential brides. I can work from home without feeling anxious of not having an office good enough to work out of. My children see more of me because I’m not zipping everywhere all over town to meet else where. It has been the best move for me and I feel like I can only achieve more from this work space. We’ve recently been able to add cinematography to our wedding services and been able to brand my company so much more effeciently because with one look around my office I know who I am.

TOS: Do you feel it’s important to have an office/workspace you love in order to be happy at work/while working?

Absolutely. Without a doubt. Who can be happy in a cubicle or blank space of a room with just you and your computer. The sterile look or even cluttered mess can’t make for a very welcoming space. When you step into the job you love you should be stepping into a space you love with it…In my line of work everything is about feeling. It’s the romance. In the feelings I see that are being shared is where I draw my inspiration. 

TOS: Use one word to describe your office

I’m finding it impossible to find the one word to encompass all that my office is. So here’s three: Inviting, Soft, and Perfect!
About you:

Hello, I’m Christa. I’m a wedding photographer in the Houston area. I am a born Houstonian, but lived all over the world before settling back in Houston over 6 years ago. I love Italian food and I make a fabulous lasagna. Seriously, it’s good. It should be famous. I love antiques and thrift stores. My husband, Brandon, and the darling babies, Winter + Brighton, are the greatest blessings to my life. We love downtown Houston. It’s always busy and bright and there’s always something to do with our little family! I love freebies. I love trying new foods, I will try everything because I never want an opportunity to pass me by. I have over 20 pairs of heels in my closet. On a lazy day, we watch documentaries. It’s odd thing, but I learn so much history and current affairs that way…Brandon uses it as a sleep aid. I own 5 polaroid cameras. I’m obsessed with popcorn. And I own a coin collection, that’s my nerdy secret.

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  • Sarah says:

    It is very inviting, and at first glance really doesn’t look like an office at all. The console is a brilliant idea, and even the swivel chairs look cozy!

  • I’m so glad that I found more fans of my new office makeover! I really still can’t get over how much I’m in love with it. Ever client that comes in really gets to meet me — understand my style — before booking with me. It’s made such a difference to my brand! Thank you Amanda Carol Interiors for creating a dream office!

  • Ernie says:

    Beautiful office. Love every detail. I especially love the idea of hiding your printer in the console. Genius!!! Since I rarely print but need a printer on hand, I didn’t even think of having it somewhere hidden but easily accessible.

    Thanks for sharing your office makeover!!

  • jenn says:

    Love your office. Do you think you can forward me the contact of your interior designer since I am also in the HOuston area and looking for one. Thank you

  • Christie says:

    Love your space. What is the beautiful paint color that you used. It would be perfect for my nursery. Thank you

  • Missy says:

    Yes, I love the paint color too, would love to know the brand and color
    Thank you

  • Whitney says:

    I LOVE the console table. Where is it from?

  • Rika says:

    I love the makeover of your Ikea swivel chairs. How did you re-upholster them? Did you buy the grey covers from somewhere or make one yourself? Do tell!

  • Danielle says:

    LOVE this space!
    Could you share the wall paint color please? I see others have asked too, but I don’t see an answer. Thanks so much.

  • Amy says:

    LOVE the wall folders! Where did you find that rack?

  • Trietia says:

    Love the makeover! I’ve been trying to find the wall folder rack – could you share where you this one?