Deskercise: Start Early to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

With the holidays already here most of us will try (and fail) to resist all the yummy holiday food. If you can’t resist or just know you put on a few pounds during the season, try to incorporate some form of exercise to balance things out. Here are a few things you can do at the office to keep the holiday weight gain to a minimum.

1. Take a Walk

If you live in one of the freezing states (Midwest I’m looking at you) then taking a walk around the building is probably not an option. A great alternative to that is to take a walk though the office building. Head out of the door and around the floor a few times, just a five minute walk will help.

2. Strength training at your desk

Sure some co-workers may think its odd that you’re doing push ups at your desk but its great exercise and it also is a great way to take a quick break from your busy day. Some great exercise to do at/near your desk are:

-Push ups (use the wall not the floor)



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