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Describe your office space to us

The office space exists inside an industrial  building originally owned by Grumman Aircraft Corporation.  I regret not taking “before” photos for we really transformed the space into a stylish and unique corporate environment.  Since I am known for my creativity, and for the dynamic ideas that we as a company bring to our events, I wanted the office space to reflect my aesthetic to visiting clients and give them a very strong first impression.

Where did the inspiration for your office space design come from?

I wanted the overall look and feel of the office space design to make a strong, bold statement.  From there, each office is inspired by the individual personalities of the people that work here.  We are an imaginative organization and I want everyone to feel inspired when they walk through the door every day.  I also used textured wallpaper, decorative lighting and unexpected storage pieces to help spur on the creative process.

I chose black and white for my office because the contrast is very reflective of my straightforward personality.  Black and white are also two colors that are very stylish, yet provide a quiet background to help clients plan over-the-top, colorful celebrations.  Elements such having a chaise sofa for clients to sit on instead of the traditional side chairs are elegant but also fun.  

What is your favorite part/design of your office space and why?

Everyone comments on how beautiful the bathroom is.  I really took the time to make sure that the entire office felt comfortable and that included our bathroom.  The attention to detail that I put into designing each office, was also utilized when I designed this space.  It surprises many people that there isn’t a shower hiding behind the heavy drapes!

Do you feel that having a well designed and inspiring office has changed the way you and your employees work?

Having a warm and inviting office that my employees and I feel comfortable in is very important to the productivity and well-being of our team.  We spend more time here than we do at our own  residences so I wanted the overall environment to feel like a home away from home.  Clients and friends also enjoy stopping by and spending time with us or to play with Piper, our adorable office mascot, which is always great for business!

If you could use one word to describe the feel of the office space, what would it be?


Tell us about your company and what it means to you to have a well-designed office space?

Founded by Dawn Strain, DJS Events is a full service event-planning boutique with over a decade of experience, headquartered in Bethpage, NY.  Our distinctive touch breathes personality into every event, whether for a conference for five hundred, an intimate VIP dinner for twenty, or anything in between.  We customize private parties, fundraisers, corporate events, weddings and destination concierge with world-class, visionary style.  We are committed and passionate about turning our client’s visions into reality. 

As event planners, if you’re not able to show how creative you are from the start, you will not gain the trust of a client.  Your office is a reflection of what you are and what you are capable of.  My goal is to “wow” someone with the very first impression.  Events are all about the details and when your clients experience that when they walk through your door, you’ll dazzle them.

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