Do your clients still insist on faxing?

This month at Turnstone it’s all about Tech + Business and it got me thinking a lot about outdated tech and why companies still use them. I recently had a vendor that insisted I fax a document instead of emailing it. I mentioned I’d prefer email because our company doesn’t have a fax machine and the gentleman was baffled. “What kind of business doesn’t have a fax machine?” My answer?

A modern one. 

In my opinion, I don’t see why fax machines and faxing even still exists. You have a document on your computer, so you attach it to an email and send it over. If you need to sign it then you do that, then scan (same process as putting it through a fax machine), then email it. No, I don’t think everything on paper should disappear; I actually prefer to read magazines VS. PDF versions or even on the iPad, prefer to read books VS. on my iPad or a kindle but I DO prefer to keep any and all documents on my computer. It keeps a mess of paper away from my office and I can find things a lot easier.

What you need if you have a fax machine:

  • Dedicated phone line
  • Not so pretty fax machine

What you need if you prefer to email documents:

  • Email account
  • Printer/scanner combo

Either way, you need a printer and don’t need the added cost of a phone line.

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Sayeh, The Office Stylist



  • Grace says:

    Oh man I love that comic! SO funny. I’m always so annoyed when people request I fax something to them. The last time I’ve had a fax machine in my house was when my mom had one in the late 90s/early 2000s. Ideally you have a scanner to email something but I’ve also taken a picture with my phone and emailed it too.

  • Yea! You’re right! Companies nowadays preferred emails, printers and scanners. Sending emails is more convenient for me than sending it through fax machines. Nice post!