Why Dropbox is an Essential Tool for EVERY Business {Tips + Tricks Included!}

It was my best friend’s 30th birthday and naturally, her Dad and I were talking tech (he’s a geek, I’m a geek). I was long overdue to upgrade my laptop to something newer and with more space. There were two models I was looking at and one of them was “cuter” than the other but offered a little less space. Naturally, I was leaning towards the cuter one (LOL!) but her Dad was telling me I just needed WAY more space, being that I own a web design agency. I sat there for a second and laughed, “I literally have no files on my computer, everything we do lives on Dropbox. It’s a total game changer.” He sat there for a moment, laughed and then said “Get the cuter one then haha”.

It wasn’t always this way. I remember the days my computer would let me know I ran out of space and needed to delete things before it exploded (jk). I’d have to spend over 2k (I’m a Mac fan after all) on a fancy pants laptop that was not only expensive but heavy and annoying to lug around. Dropbox is an absolutely essential tool for my business and here are the top 3 ways I use it to make my work and life run smoothly.

Save that space

This is a no brainer. A clogged up computer makes things run slow, adds stress to your day and leaves you open for your computer crashing. I’ve had the unfortunate event happen where I lost EVERYTHING on my computer because it just decided I had too many things on there and it gave up on life. Saving space on your computer also means you don’t have to spend a ton buying one either.

Team collaboration

The days of me having an office here in LA are over. I hated having to go in even though it was my own space and I prefer to work alone in the comfort of my home. With that being said, I extend the same benefit to my employees who all work from their homes. Without Dropbox, this wouldn’t be possible for us. We have large files, several files, projects, clients, our work, etc. and we need it all organized and accessible. When I approve a design for a client, my designer just tags/syncs with my developer assigned to that project and voila! No more attaching files to emails, the back and forth or losing things. Everything is in it’s place, in it’s own special file and on our Dropbox. When we have a new client, they get their own folder and within there are all our photoshop files and site backups. Gone are the days where I have to email each member of my team, I just upload what we all need and they do the same.


As a lifestyle entrepreneur, I don’t really like to sit in one place. I work from home for the most part but a lot of times I’ll take my laptop and work at swanky hotel cafe, a friend’s office or co-working space. Other times I’m just on the go all day long at meetings. Since I tend to run around and I don’t drag my laptop with me, I use the Dropbox app to get to everything.  Literally EVERYTHING. Oh snap, I need to post one of our new promos on social but I’m across town. Problem? NOPE. Just click the Dropbox app and pull what I need from there. Drag and drop on the desktop app so I don’t even need to login if I don’t want to. It makes life as an entrepreneur on the go easy and stress free.

There are hundreds of ways I use Dropbox but I’m not going to list them all here. No matter what type of business you own or the size, Dropbox is essential.

**This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dropbox. The opinions and text are all mine.