Eco- Friendly Office Supplies!

So as you know it’s Earth Day, and what better way to help the environment than by buying Eco Friendly Office Supplies? The great thing about these supplies is they’re all stylish too!

Staple Free Stapler in Green

Yes you read that right, this stapler is STAPLE FREE! It actually cuts a stitch into your papers rather than wasting staples.

Eco-Friendly File Folders

LOVE the polka dot design, and the fact that they’re 100% recycled make them that much more attractive.

Desktop To-Do Dry Erase Board(made of real bamboo!)

Instead of wasting tons of post-its and paper, jot down your to-dos and erase them when you’re done.

There are loads of other eco-friendly office supplies listed here so be sure to check them all out. Remember to try and do at least one thing for the environment today, if not every day!

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