High-Low Workspace— Get the look of this perfectly coordinated workspace


Whatever your taste, having a put together and great looking workspace doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Even the most stylish of offices can be recreated for a fraction of the cost. Don’t worry about matching everything exactly, it’s more about conveying the vibe of the office than making a carbon copy.

paper ceiling office Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 3.44.10 PM


1. Chevron Accent Chair  2. Classic Trellis Wall Covering  3. Diamond Ikat Pillow

4. Silver Cat Statue  5. Chevron Roman Shades  6. Traditional Brass Chandelier

7. Acrylic Chairs

If you’re looking for a sure fire way to make your space look polished and expensive, you have to have some custom (or least, custom looking) pieces. Take this gorgeous home office, for example. See how matchy-matchy it is, in both colors and prints? It may seem hard to replicate, but if you just stick to the basics, your office will look just as custom made!

Let’s first start with the matching prints pieces. I really like the small chevron print on the Roman shades and the chair, but it might be hard to find unless you’re prepared to have a chair upholstered and make the shades yourself. So I suggest sticking with a more widely  available print, like your classic chevron. The print is everywhere, so it will be easy to match your comfy chair to your Roman shades!

The color matching comes in the form of the awesome detailed ceiling, which matches with the edges of the shades and the throw pillow. Don’t stress too much about matching the color exactly, greens always look great with other greens! If you have a nice smooth ceiling, get some peel and stick wall coverings to get this unique look. Think of your ceiling as the accent wall of your room if you don’t want to change your actual walls.

Because there are a few different colors and patterns in this small space, these acrylic chairs are perfect. You can get the lovely blue shaded chairs you see there, but crystal clear chairs work just as well.

Chandeliers will always be equated with luxe and I really love it in this instance. The big windows let in more than enough light during the day, and I’m sure the room looks lovely with just the chandelier lighting your late night work sessions.

The most interesting piece of this room is the silver statue in the far corner. I honestly could not figure out what it was, so I went with cat since I’m so in love with my own cat. I love having special pieces in the office it really helps make the space your own.

What’s your favorite part of this perfectly coordinated office?


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