Home Office Makeover: The envy of home offices everywhere!

You’ve seen a lot of beautiful office makeovers here on TheOfficeStylist, but once you take a look at some of the pictures below, this one will easily become your favorite.

Now brace yourself for some of the before photos:

All of this was done on a budget of under $1000:

Cost breakdown:  Cabinets $80 dollars; writer’s desk (table) $40;  glass top $80; thrift store sofa $150; rug $60; chandelier $140; refinished side chair $25; refinished thrift store chair $20; recovered ottoman $20; grasscloth wallpaper $240; curtains $75; paint and supplies $65.

Total, not including accessories:  $995

She did a great job of taking thrift store pieces and turning them into what you see here. I would never have guessed that the desk cost $40, or that the cabinets were $80.

Your Office Makeover

What a transformation right? If you have an office that needs as much help as the one pictured above, do not give up! It is a step by step process that starts out with a plan, then moving forward on that plan. First, you need to clear out the space by removing trash and other unwanted items. Next, see if you can work with some of the pieces you have, the rest you can sell or donate. Now, transform the pieces you had in your office into more stylish or cool pieces. For instance, curtains that are from the 80’s can be replaced, the fur rug with stains on it can be tossed out and a spiral, floral, zebra etc. rug can replace it. How about the desk that you can’t paint or burn to make it look better?  Invest in a new one or refurbish a desk you find at a flea market or garage sale.

Back to the Basics

Creating a comfortable, inspiring work environment should be on the top of every work from homer’s to-do list. Even those whom go into an office space, if possible then create, move, style and do what you need to do to get the workspace how you want it to be. Imagine coming into an office that feels like it really is you. The office makeover feature above is not only beautiful, but you know it will make a difference in how this person works.

To hear more about the process, and to see more photos, check out Censational Girl. She is definitely someone I would have on my team for office makeovers, she’s got some great style!

If you have a home office makeover you want to feature on TheOfficeStylist, or you need help transforming your space, please email us at hi@theofficestylist.com.

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  • Wyetha Lipford says:

    I love this makeover, it’s fabulous.

  • Cassiopeia says:

    This office is so beautiful, and so perfect for my new house! It is exactly what I would like to do in the sunroom for a home office.

    I’d love to work away all day in there!

    Thanks so much for sharing it. I’ll even be able to run those costs past the “accountant” – my husband.

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