How to create a stylish vision board for any space

Last week I put together what I like to call a “life moodboard” but the rest of the world refers to this as a vision board. I was hesitant to write that word in the title but I figured that’s the most recognizable. I don’t love that term, mainly because it seems to be associated with “wishes” rather than things you plan to achieve or a life that is actually possible to live. I love the idea and have always made these kind of boards and with re-styling my office lately, this seemed like the perfect fit.


I started with a space on the wall of my office that needed to badly be redone. Yes, it’s very pretty but I was tired of it and felt like I’ve really outgrown that space (among other parts of my house but more on those updates later!). I was tired of what I styled the table with as well as what was on the wall so I decided to re-do both.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.54.47 AM

Getting started

  1. Choose the space you want to have your vision/moodboard in. Clear the clutter, wall space or anything else that isn’t going to be a fit for you anymore.Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.55.12 AM
  2. Create a beautiful backdrop of some kind. I decided to go with this electrical tape that I bought from Amazon which was super easy to apply. You can choose a pretty fabric, washi tape or use contact paper.FullSizeRender 3

    The fun part!

  3. Select photos, magazine cut outs or anything else that you have that inspires you. I’m all about the look being totally cohesive so I found inspirational images on Pinterest and then had them printed into polaroid looking 4 X 4 squares. IMG_3150
  4. Choose something fabulous to pin, tape/attach to your space. It all depends on what you’re deciding to use and for me I wavered back and forth between using washi tape or cute thumbtacks. I went for these super cute black, white and grey thumbtacks because I have the tape as a backdrop already.

Then you just pin or tape all your photos onto your wall, corkboard, etc. and voila! I like to space things out, overlap only a little so that it doesn’t appear cluttered or overwhelming.


FullSizeRender 4 FullSizeRender 2

Here are some quick do’s and don’ts

The Dos

-Do try and keep an overall cohesive look/style/colors

-Do try and match the style with the style of the rest of your space

-Do choose beautiful images that really speak to you and fill you with joy

The Don’ts

-Don’t have your vision board on a plain boring corkboard, there is nothing stylish about it

-Don’t only use words and quotes, it can look cluttered and boring

-Don’t do a bad job of cutting things out of a magazine or printing poor quality images

All my recent re-styling of the spaces in my house have been part of a bigger picture of re-styling my life.And this particular space in my office serves as a daily reminder of the kind of life I want/choose to live.  It’s been amazing so far and so happy I get to share it all with you!