How to Stay Motivated When You Work From Home

A cup of get shit done One of the major downsides of working from home is the lack of motivation that can occur at some point. Some people struggle with this more than others but we all feel it in some way. I’ve been working from home on and off for over 10 years and now I’m back to working from home full time. While working from home has a ton of perks, dealing with a slow down of motivation can be brutal. So how do you stay motivated when you work from home? 

Ripped jeans and peplum top outfit of the day

*My typical outfit 

Get dressed, it makes a difference 

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you need to get into a button up, pencil skirt, and heels while you’re working from home. It’s one thing if you know you have to leave for meetings at some point but if you’re in for the entire day, just getting dressed will make a difference. That means absolutely NO pjs, sweats etc.-and it also means you’ve showered, done your hair/makeup as well. Here’s the thing, you will FEEL differently when you do this. You’ll be sitting up straighter and feeling more confident. This change in how you feel will then give you a boost of motivation and swagger when working. More motivation=more $$$. Plus if you need to run out and grab coffee or run an errand, you’re ready to go!

How to design a stylish home office

*My home office 

Make that workspace beautiful 

There’s a reason I have a ton of blog posts on my site that cater to office design. It’s because your space will effect how you feel and how you work. I’ve known this pretty much all of my adult life and seen the difference a beautiful space makes to someone’s workday. You take care with how the rest of your home looks so don’t neglect this important area. Imagine sitting down to a cluttered, dark and dreary work area and then trying to be happy while you work. Doesn’t sound fun, right?

Cute cat working from home

*Sorry Biscuits but sometimes Mama needs to work with humans

Work with a friend or colleague

If you already have a beautiful workspace and you get dressed everyday but still feeling motivation slow down; work with a friend. My cat goes wherever I go and while that’s comforting, being alone all day can feel really isolating. I frequently “co-work” with friends and other entrepreneurs as a way to keep us all motivated. It’s another reason you should get dressed and be on your game, as well as make sure your space looks pretty.

These are my go-to tips when it comes to staying motivated while working from home. Other things you can do to stay motivated: work in a different room, pop out to a coffee shop, have a Skype call with a mentor/friend, read something positive or watch a TED talk.