Infuse the Feeling of Home into your Workspace

When I sit down with a client or an interview for an office profile, I always ask the person what their home looks like. I’ll ask what kind of design style, furniture, accessories and colors do they find around their home. I came to find that most people like to have similar pieces, styles or colors that they have at home, in their workspace as well. So how do you infuse the feeling of home into your workspace? Start by answering the following questions:

In my home most of my furniture is from _______________

At home I love the color(s) ______________

The things that make me smile at home are __________________

If I could take a piece of furniture or an accessory from home and bring it to work it would be ________________

My walls at home are mostly covered in ___________(art, color paint, just plain white, etc.)

Those five questions should be a great start into what you like at home and what you can bring in. To help give you guys a better idea; I’ve answered them below with examples of how I’ve brought them into my office.

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Sayeh, The Office Stylist

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