Life at Work with Tony Little

Describe your typical workday

A – It’s ridiculously hectic, but in a good way!  I’m up by 6 AM and at the gym by 7 AM (I workout twice a day).  I’m in the office usually around 10 AM.  During that time, I’m constantly on the phone with you name it — business calls, conference calls, working on graphic arts and catching up with our various divisions.  I try to rush home by 3 PM to kiss my babies, then head back to the gym to workout — then come back home to kiss my babies again and hang out with them before they go to bed.  I’m usually in bed myself by 8:30 PM, where I try to read for a couple of hours.

If you could work anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

In the U.S., I would say Colorado because of the mountain climate, the weather and sports activities.  There are so many things to do there, whether it’s summer or winter.  The outdoor activity choices are really great and it’s just beautiful in that part of the world.  If you’re talking internationally, I really enjoy hanging out in London.  I particularly like the Chelsea Harbor area and Hyde Park.  Hyde Park is very cool — just to sit among thousands of other people.  Everyone is working on their laptops, reading books, hanging out on blankets — just enjoying life.

How would you describe your workspace?

My offices are probably a lot like what you might find in the creative computer and technology world.  Of course, my area of expertise is in marketing, not computers!  But I think creatively, just as they do, and believe it’s important to be in an environment that stimulates the mind.  My offices are full of video games, plus ping-pong and pool tables.  I also have a chopper bike — it looks like a miniature Harley — which I can use to pedal around the office.  The office decor is really quite eclectic.  I have a combination of antiques and modern art, plus hundreds of pictures of celebrities and interesting people on the walls.

What is one “work item” you can’t live without (could be your planner, laptop, iphone, ipad, etc)?

Without question, my iPhone and iPad!  I can do almost anything with them when I’m out of the office — e-mail, conference calls, plus access the Internet.  They’re fast and simple to use!

If you could switch careers for a day, what would you do?

I’d probably be a solo singing artist.  I’d really like to belt out some rock and the blues — music that people enjoy and that they could understand!

You have so much going on; can you give us one tip on how you keep it all together?

You gotta always set goals and believe in yourself.  Keeping that in mind at all times is really important.

What are 3 things fans don’t know about you?

1)  They always ask me if I have hair under my hats.  Yes, I do — and lots of it.  And it’s real, too!

2)  Although I’m known as Mr. Hyperactive, I’m really a pretty mellow guy.

3)  I enjoy collecting antiques, classic cars and unusual celebrity memorabilia.


Tony Little (“America’s Personal Trainer”) – The pony-tailed superstar, famous for his shouts of “You can do it!” has built an empire over the past 20+ years, selling more than $3 billion worth of products worldwide, with more than 40 million people owning a product bearing his name.

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