MadebyGirl Office Makeover

Jennifer Ramos, the very talented designer/owner behind the boutique MadebyGirl, was nice enough to let us interview her about her recent Office Makeover. Jennifer and her husband actually did the office makeover from head to toe, no outside designers involved.

One of her main priorities was getting rid of some of the built in shelves her office has so that she could paint, revive and renew that look. Let’s take a peek at a couple of her before photos:

And for the after:

Her inspiration board:

Interview on Jennifer’s inspiration, before and after, and more:

TheOfficeStylist: What was your inspiration for your office makeover?

JenniferRamos: I was inspired to makeover my office because I felt it needed a boost & i also felt i needed a little inspiration. To me, the space you work in should always be a reflection of who you are & what you’d like to portay to others.  There were plenty of homes & work spaces online that inspired me, so I decided to just get it done.

TOS: How did you feel working in your office before your makeover?

JR: It felt great for 2 years, then the more Items I acquired, the more cramped it felt. I had lots of shelving & all my paperwork was out in the open. It started to feel darker & messier, and i think that was interfering with my inspiration.

TOS:How did you feel working in your office AFTER your makeover?

JR: OMG… So much better! It very chic & feels more like my style. Painting the walls white made a huge difference… It’s so much brighter and inviting now!

TOS: Do you feel it’s important to have an office/workspace you love in order to be happy at work?

JR: Absolutely! That is the reason i did the makeover, because i wasn’t happy with it.  Happiness creates inspiration for me.

TOS: Where do you find your inspiration for your prints, and other items at

JR: It comes from various places. I’ve been inspired by emotions, relationships, textiles, books, magazines, furniture, typography, other designers and lots more. You can also visit my online shop at as well as my Etsy store.

The Office Stylist Says: Jennifer’s space before her makeover seemed dark, crowded and not at all what we would picture someone behind these gorgeous prints would have. To have a space that is open, bright, and inspirational is what a lot of creative designers,artists, etc need. Though we see a lot of white, there is a  balance with the blue swirly wall paper, and blue curtains. Amazing job Jen, you have my stamp of approval!

What I love about her workspace:

  • Bright, open and clean
  • Tulips! One of my favorite flowers but most importantly, fresh flowers/plants bring life in your workspace
  • Inspiration board, so important to have pieces of inspiration in your space, or in her case an entire board works too!

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