How to Wear Rose Gold Jewelry + My Favorite Baubles!

I’m having a major rose gold moment right now. I just can’t get enough! Here’s the thing, I’ve loved rose gold jewelry since I was a kid. It might have been a jewelry a relative bought me, I’m honestly not quite sure what started my love of rose gold. All I know is that I’m SO happy it’s on trend right now because it makes it SUPER easy to find cute pieces.

And speaking of…here is a roundup of a some rose gold baubles that I’m lusting after with some easy tips on how to wear rose gold jewelry.

How to wear rose gold

*You can find all these gorgeous jewels here.

Mixing metals is okay

I’m a bit OCD when it comes to some things matching or fitting in their place so I understand if you’re not sure what to do here. Is it okay to mix rose gold with another color gold? YES! With rose gold, there is ONE metal I would stay away from and that’s yellow gold. Unless it’s a piece that has all 3 major gold colors in it, it’s a bit too much. Rose gold looks best with silver and also goes great with a gunmetal/black. Anything else can be a bit too much since it’s usually the star of the show.

funny jewelry meme More is more 

This could be the glam girl in me but I believe more is more when it comes to styling with this gorgeous gold. I typically rock earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings and a watch when I’m wearing rose gold. Keep in mind, typically all those pieces are dainty but even a statement necklace could work. What matters is what works for you and your overall style.

Buy both high and low 

With trends, I always feel you should mix your high and lows OR stick to mostly cheaper pieces if it’s something that can’t last as a classic. For example, fringe and neon is not a trend you want to invest in but pretty rose gold jewelry you definitely should and can. For the crazier piece that may be having their moment, opt for cheaper options rather than fine jewelry.

What you guys think of rose gold? Love it or leave it!?


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