No Room at Home for an Office? 3 Easy “Wall Office” Setups to Try

Whether you blog as a hobby, work from home full time or just need a place to handle the household bills-finding a space in your house can be hard. Not everyone is blessed with an entire room dedicated to their office or even have space to makeover a closet-so what’s left? I’m sure you’ve seen them all over Pinterest but setting up a “Wall Office” saves you some space and if done right can even make your house look better.

Here are 3 of my favorites and how to get the look:

Book Shelves with a Space for Work

wall shelves for wall office

Simple enough and most likely you’ve already got a space like this in your home. Pull up a chair, fill a cup with some awesome pens and voila! This photo is from a kids room which may be the only space you have but I’d put put some shelves in the living room area so that you aren’t battling even more distractions. You don’t to even a keep a chair up here the entire time since wall shelves/book cases are meant for both decor and storage on their own.

The “you don’t even know its there” wall office setup

hidden desk

This little wall cabinet/desk is perfect if you don’t even want to look at this space on a day to day basis. You can have this installed in any part of your house including a part of your closet if you wanted to take it to the next step of never seeing it. Because its so sleek and compact, I think this could fit best in the entry way area or even dining area/kitchen. Perfect for the minimalist who only needs to pay bills or use a setup every once in while.

The Ultimate “Wall Office”

The ultimate wall office

You’ve decided its time to carve out a space in your house for your full time office so you’ve taken it to the next level. The setup of wall shelves for both the desk and other workspace accessories is easy to do and perfect for everyday work. Pop over to your local hardware store to pick up some shelves for this setup. I’d replace the art with other smaller shelves with storage boxes and accessories to keep yourself organized if you’re doing this full time. The chair can also be hidden away or used as part of the dining area but this space is your full time work space so keep that in mind when putting it together.

Photo Credits: Wall Shelves, Amazon, Chic Sprinkles

Would you try a “Wall Office” setup at home or do you need an actual room/desk setup?


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