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How does the view make you feel when you look at it?

You sometimes want to pinch yourself that you are lucky enough to have both a great company to work for and they are located in such a scenic place.  Before work or at lunch I often try to get out for a run in trails that you see in the photos.  Alternately, there is an hour bike ride up to the top of the mountains shown.  If you take that ride early in the morning, you are treated to a magnificent view of Boulder right as the sun is starting to shine on it – it really makes you feel alive.

Would you say that having a great view has improved your life at work?

Absolutely.  If you need a break, you can go out on a short run on the trails and really clear your head.  You would be amazed at some of the really creative ideas that you can come up with when you are out on the trails.  Similarly, just sitting on the deck from which this photo was taken for a few minutes can really clear your head.

What is the worst view you’ve had from a workspace before?

I once worked in Los Angeles and after my first couple days I said to a co-worker, “I cannot believe how foggy it is here – you cannot see anything out the windows.”  The co-worker replied, “That isn’t fog – that is smog.”

If you could choose any view in the world, what would it be?

While the views of Boulder are amazing, I would have to say that some of the mountains I have seen in Switzerland are out of this world.  It is incredible how some of those peaks just jut up almost out of nowhere.

This view is from the workspace of  Ken McDonald, Vice President of Customer Acquisition, TeamSnap

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  • Ken says:

    Thanks for the article about our office! We truly feel blessed to live and work in such a great place.

    Ken McDonald
    VP Customer Acquisition
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