Paris Oil Paintings: Black + White

In keeping with the  Black + White+ Paris them of today’s Home Office Makeover, here are a few of our favorite Paris Oil Paintings for your own office space.

Remember Paris of 1908

River View of Tower

Paris Classic

All three of the paintings are from and start at only  $44.50 for a 20 X 24 sized painting. Beautiful and staying in line with our theme, these Paris Oil Paintings will fit into a space of almost any color scheme. Though colored Paris paintings are available, mixing the two in one room might not have the best effect. Any of these, will look great in the kitchen, lobby area of your office, or for your own home office and at a great price too.

Tried it out ourselves…

We were unsure of what these oil paintings would look like in person because it’s normally tough to see the quality online, so sent us our own to judge. Ours came framed, but you can also get these rolled in a tube, or choose from a wide variety of the frames they have. The quality of the painting is actually really great, especially compared to some prints we’ve seen. We received a Mark Rothko Oil Painting ( reproduction of course) and the colors and textures were really vivid. Though this isn’t something we would normally purchase, free shipping + free return shipping is a nice incentive to try it out in your own office/home.

Get Remember Paris of 1908, River View of Tower, and the Paris Classic all from

Our personal favorite? The Paris Classic of course.


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