Pentel Pearl EnerGel Pens Review

No matter where technology takes us, I still need to write stuff down. Call me old fashioned but there is a big difference between a to-do list on my iPhone and one where I can physically cross off tasks. Its how my blog actually got started, its my obsession (yes I know its geeky) with office supplies, stationery and office design in general that got me going.

The folks over at Pentel sent me a batch of new pens to review so here are the first few that I tried out….photo 1

I’m always collecting great pens to use on a daily basis (gels seem to be my favorite) and I’ve recently been introduced to Pentel Pearl EnerGel pens. These pens are really easy to use and don’t smear like a lot of other gel pens. The pen is a perfect size and they’re very light weight considering they’re gel ink pens.

photo 2 photo 3

I love the different colors these pens have. We have a lot of black and blue pens around the office, so it’s fun to mix in the purple and pink. I’ve been using them to write down any priority things that need to get done since the brighter color catches my eye more and then I’ll cross it off the list in black. OR I’ll list things I have for the blog in one color and other to-do’s in another.

photo 4

A lot of people want to know if the pens bleed through and the answer is not really. I’m using a notebook that has really thin paper, even my pencil marks can be seen through the other side so its not just pens. The Energel Pens don’t bleed through or blot, but you can see the color because of thin paper. This can be a peeve for some people but if you’re looking for a smooth gel pen, take a peek at Pentel’s Pearl Energel Pens.


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