Pets at Work with Marie, the Ambassador of Love

About your pet

Official Title: Marie: Ambassador of Love

Workday duties: Snuffling her nose under people’s hands so she will get pets.

Breed/animal: Dog. Lab mix

Favorite workday activities: Car rides, rolling in grass, and getting pets.

Favorite workday snacks: All!

Start Time: Morning

How long has Marie been at the company? Marie has been a part of the company for the last 9 years.

About you

What made you decide to start bringing Marie into work? Her eyes when I left the house. She looked at me so expectantly that my heart would have broken if I had to leave her at home.

How would you describe a typical workday with Marie? Well, I do lose quite a bit of work time as I have to busy myself with setting up her ‘outside pillow’, making sure it is in a ray of sunshine, fluffing up her ‘inside pillow’, making sure that it is not in a walkway where people would interrupt her napping. I have to give her pets 2 times an hour, walk in the afternoon, and speak to all the people who come in just to get attention from her.

Would you say that having your pet at work helps or hinders your work? It absolutely helps! My heart is full and happy with Marie around. She reminds me of what is important. She keeps love in my life all day long, even through the hard times.

What do clients think/say about Marie being at the office with you? Marie is a perfect angel and completely loved by every single person who meets her. They love it!

Do you think more offices should allow pets at work? Absolutely. I think offices would be more peaceful, less stressed, and people could get their work done coming from a place of happiness

What’s your favorite thing about having Marie at work? Not having to be away from her. I am completely attached to her. She is my partner. We are like dance partners that have trained for years together and now we know each others moves, thoughts, and actions without having to say a word.

Maries Mommy: Alexandra Koiv Custom Pet Urns

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