Pets at Work with Remi the Head of Butt Kicking Operations


Official Title: Founder of Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp. Head of Butt-Kicking Operations

Workday duties: Teach boot camp classes on the Brooklyn Bridge, indoors and in Central Park. Client support via email and phone, organize boot camp programs, fitness retreats, client sessions and workshops.

Breed/animal: Terrier mix

Favorite workday activities: Lunch break – going for a walk or taking extra time to head to the dog park. 

Favorite workday snacks:

For Remi: dried chicken strips, dried salmon bits, peanut butter on toast.
for Ariane: all types of veggies, protein shakes, eggs, lots of water and coffee

Start Time: 6.30am. End at 8pm.

How long has Remi been at the company? We have had her for 4 months and she’s been by my side ever since. 

What made you decide to start bringing Remi into work? I have a home office and she enjoys hanging out on her pillow right next to my desk. Her quiet presence keeps me calm as well and her need to go out during lunch time makes me take a break that I wouldn’t normally take. 

How would you describe a typical workday with Remi?

I leave my apartment at 5.30am to teach classes and I get back from teaching my boot camp classes and seeing private clients around 10.30am. After taking a shower I typically spend a bit of time playing with her or teaching her a new trick. She then settles down next to my desk and naps for hours. She’s good at keeping herself entertained with her toys and will often make me play with her. Around 1pm we head out for a lunch walk. When the days aren’t very busy and I have some time we head to the pet store to pick out a new treat or toy or the dog park, which is a great place for her to socialize and play with other dogs. if she doesn’t get interaction with other dogs she’s much more antsy and a bit sad. I enjoy heading to the dog park because it is right next to the New York harbor and I get to enjoy a stunning Manhattan skyline view. We sometimes walk along the water front. At around 3pm I head back into Manhattan via subway to see private clients and teach classes. 

Would you say that having your pet at work helps or hinders your work?

Remi definitely helps me structure my day more efficiently. I know I need to make time to play with her and walk her and that makes me focus on my daily tasks more efficiently. She makes me laugh every day because she is so adorable. We can’t go around the block without at least 3 people stopping us and saying how cute she is. She sometimes likes to sit on my lap and watch me work and she’ll nudge me until I give her the attention she thinks she deserves. 

What do clients think/say about Remi being at the office with you?

I don’t see clients at my home office, so they don’t get to see her. Several clients have met her through Facebook (on which she has her own page). 

Do you think more offices should allow pets at work?

Since we got Remi our lives have become a lot more structured.  That limits our social life somewhat but at the same time she has enriched our life so much that it doesn’t feel like a restriction. She comes with us wherever we go. Having a pet makes you more responsible and aware that there’s someone else who needs your attention. It has helped me feel more relaxed, balanced and happier. There’s nothing better than coming home and having someone wait for you with a wagging tail, greeting you excitedly. I’m a big fan of having my dog with me during the day. 

What’s your favorite thing about having Remi at work?

Remi makes me laugh because she nudges me to play with her in some funny ways. She can sometimes be found on the couch, chewiing up my pillows or playing with her toys. She also has some pretty amazing ways to contort herself on her big pillow. 

Remi and Ariane Hundt work over at Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

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