Shopping Bag “Trash Can”


Luxury shopping bag waste basket.
Paper bag.
Size : 31x38x15cm.

It may look like a shopping bag, but it’s actually meant for your trash. Quite possibly the most chic “waste basket” I have ever seen, and I am sure the same goes for you. I hate to be a tease here, but this product is only available in Europe. We are currently in contact with the manufacturer to see about bringing it over to because it was love at first sight for us.  Normally you tend to hide a trash can under your desk or fit it in a corner, but this is more of a decorative piece for the office, cubicle, or home office. This “waste basket” would fit anywhere, your bedroom, kitchen, living room and certainly catch an eye at your office.

What do you think of this ultra chic “waste basket”?

The Office Stylist


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