Steel Tanker Desk Transformation

Whether it’s one piece or your whole office, I always love a good makeover story. Refurbishing, repurposing or redecorating not only breathes new life into your space, but it can also breathe new life into your business too!

I was recently sent an email detailing a great desk transformation story and I just had to share it!

Charles Davis is an actor living in Los Angeles who dabbles in photography and painting. He found that his Ikea Micke desk has struggling under the weight of his 27 inch Mac, and he wanted to get a different one that could handle it. 

After coming across a pricy restored and refinished steel tanker desk from Steel Santos, he decided to try his luck finding the same desk for less. Luckily he did, finding an original McDowell and Craig desk for around $200.

And with a little help from Fab, Charles proceeded to disassemble the desk, put primer on parts to be painted, and sanded down the drawers to the original stainless steel.  The laminate top was already in great condition, so he sanded it down lightly to remove and dirt before putting it all back together into its present condition.

“Take pictures of the desk as you take it apart so you know how to put it back together again. Trust me it will save you a lot of sweat and blood,” he advises.

Think this is too big of a project for you to handle? It’s not as hard as it seems.

“I had no real experience with refurbishing furniture.  I just saw a finished tanker desk and went to the hardware store everyday for 4 or 5 days asking for advice and picking up materials until it was finished.  I also found advice on a few sites online,” says Charles.

If you have a transformation story you’d like to share, contact me!

—Sayeh, The Office Stylist

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