Stylish Cubicle? Yes it’s possible!

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TheOfficeStylist: Describe your workspace to us:

I work in a gorgeous old house on a college campus where the integrity of the original building is very important so actual office space is at a premium.  I understand the need for cubicles as workspace, but I also knew I didn’t have to live with the industrial surroundings.  I created a space that is not only comfortable and fun, but most importantly, it represents ME.

TOS: What is your favorite part of your cubicle and why?

That’s a tough one.  I think my favorite parts are the contributions to my space from my husband and son.  When I told them of my yellow and grey color scheme, my husband gave me a color appropriate LEGO minifigure to keep on my desk (he works for LEGO) and my 4 year old son got in on the action and made me a colorful jar of sand at pre-school to keep at my desk to “remember him”.  These things make me happiest because they remind me how lucky I am to have such special people in my life and they remind me to have fun!

TOS: What was your inspiration for your cubicle makeover

My blog was my initial inspiration for my cubicle makeover.  With so many great home office makeovers out there in blogland, I decided I might be able to fill another niche with a cubicle makeover.  I hadn’t seen it done anywhere else and knew I could do it inexpensively (being a cheapskate and all).  It all started with a color scheme and since I knew I couldn’t change the “wall” color, rug, or any of the furniture I worked with what I had.  It has been so much more than I expected though. 

TOS: How did you feel working in your cubicle before your makeover?

Anyone who has ever worked in a cubicle knows that they are boring, drab and completely uninspiring (not to mention the lack of space and privacy).  I definitely felt like I was at work when I was at work.  I didn’t feel any “ownership” of the space.    

TOS: How did you feel working in your cubicle AFTER your makeover?

I LOVE my new cubicle space.  I wanted it to feel a little more home-away-from-home officey so adding things like a gallery wall of some of my favorite framed photos of my family and accessories like a lamp really helped me achieve this look and feel.  I also knew I had to be mindful of the “work environment” so I didn’t want to get too “girly” with my décor or to “funky” with my decorating.  The yellow color makes me happy and really pops on the grey surroundings.  I think it adds just enough “fun” to the space without being too crazy.  The whole space just feels lighter and more “me” than it did before.

TOS: Do you feel it’s important to have a workspace you love in order to be happy at work/while working?

As I mentioned before, I started this cubicle space makeover as a “project” for my blog, but I have been amazed by how much it has impacted my work life.  I’m happy to be sitting at my desk, I am surrounded with reminders of the people and things I love and feel like I am represented in the space too.  My cubicle space makes me proud and that makes me happy.  🙂

About you:

“Hello!  My name is Laura Metallo and I work in a cubicle.”  (I feel like I could start a support group with an opening statement like that—and maybe I should.)  I work a full time job outside of my home and author the blog Confessions of a Serial Cheapskate.    As a mother of one and step-mom to 3 I like to think I know a good value when I see one, but I don’t want to sacrifice style.   I started my blog as a way to share inexpensive ideas that are easy to DIY and accessible to all.  

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  • Laura M. says:

    Thanks for the feature! I LOVE the items you pulled out of the Yellow Office Supplies and Modern Office Supplies collections — especially the polka dot file folders– too cute!

  • Nancy Hessler says:

    Love the look of the cubicle! It is clean, eye catching, stylish ….perfect! What a great place to come to for a day job.

  • Yolanda says:

    Hi, I just found your website and I love it!!! I was curious…how do you hang the picture frames into the walls and where can I get the hooks? I have been wanting to do something similar but can’t figure that part out.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Laura M. says:

    Yolanda– I apologize– I haven’t checked in in a while… I used T-pins to hang the frames (I think you can get them at any office supply type store, my office already had them in the supply closet). Believe me, it wasn’t easy, but I was able to finagle them and they have stayed in place. 🙂

  • Maggy says:

    Wow this cubicle is great. I wish I had that much space at work.

    • The Office Stylist says:

      Thanks for your comment Maggy, totally agree that this cubicle is so awesome!


      -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

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