The Attic Turned Home Office Makeover

The Before:

The After:

TheOfficeStylist: Describe your office to us:

My office, or as I like to call it, the writing room, is simply my place to be, to breath easier.  We recently renovated our attic and first priority was to create a space where I could write and be inspired.  That’s why you’ll see a lot of white, clean surfaces, and yet, it still feels welcoming to me.   The room needed to not only house a writing space, but also serve as an extra bedroom and bath. It was already a tricky space to design… one long and narrow room with many variations in the roofline.  I simply began to pour through design magazines and books, earmarking my favorites and making a plan to create my own.  It is now just that.  White planked ceilings, whitewashing flooring, and French Provencal pieces fill the room creating a casually elegant space for me to work.

TOS: What is your favorite part of your office and why?

It truly is hard for me to narrow down one favorite, but it would have to be a tie between my desk area and the daybed. The desk is an 1800’s French Provencal piece that I found at a local antique mall for $120, and the chair I bought, painted, and reupholstered for $50.  Of course I love the space I work on, but as much inspiration comes from what I look at while working.  That’s where the daybed comes in…my husband and I built it from the doors of my childhood home.  In addition to writing the blog, I paint and restore furniture.  This project was especially challenging and meaningful to me.  Plus, I got exactly what I needed for the space for $50.

TOS: What was your inspiration for your office makeover?

When we decided to get serious about our attic renovation, I wanted to get it right.  I imagined the times that I’ve written the most honestly, the times I felt at such peace with my surroundings.  Those thoughts led me to the coast and to cottage spaces that celebrated texture rather than lots of color.  The biggest task was to implement some kind of wood planks.  The most logical place to me would be the ceiling, and due to the pitch of the loft, is also more like one full wall.  I love the ceilings!  They probably are the element that takes me somewhere else entirely when I step into my office.


TOS: How did you feel working in your office before your makeover?

Well, before we finished the writing room, I was writing from the sofa in our living area.  I felt good while working, but certainly more distracted.  It could have had something to do with being surrounded by my toddlers.


TOS: How did you feel working in your office AFTER your makeover?

To put it simply, I feel peaceful, focused, calmed, inspired.

TOS: Do you feel it’s important to have an office/workspace you love in order to be happy at work/while working?

Absolutely!  There is nothing quite like escaping to the place that’s you.  Work is so much a part of our lives, and what a gift to be able work in a place that inspires us.  For me that meant starting with a blank canvas of white and texture, and finding just a few pieces I loved to create a room that does just that.  I believe it’s important down to the last detail…a crystal cup to hold paintbrushes and pencils, artwork that encourages creativity and productivity, the antique door I use as an inspiration board.

About you:

I am from Alabama and wife to Matt, and mother to two beautiful children, Gray and Ava.  While I’ve written my entire life, I began blogging one year ago and began Perfectly Imperfect.  After growing the blog, my readers encouraged me to write an eBook on restoring and painting furniture, and Creating Your Masterpiece releases this month.  It has been such a blessing and given this dreamer a reality to cherish.  Visit the blog to find out more about the book.

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