The Office Closet

You’ve seen the Office Nook which is perfect for small spaces, but now for those extra small spaces we have the Office Closet. As featured over on Young House Love, one of their readers sent in a closet they made over into an office.

Here is the before pic:

Turning a closet into your office is one of the best ways to add a home office, when you don’t have the space. This closet in particular is too small for those who work from home full time, but perfect for those that just need a spot to pay bills, etc.

What I like about this closet makeover:

  • Utilizes all parts of the closet space
  • The inside is painted
  • Even the door has a purpose
  • It’s outside of the bedroom (no office should be in a bedroom)

It’s good to know that you really can do anything no matter what kind of space you have to work with. Never feel like you can’t do anything or can’t create the workspace you need.

Because I care,

The Office Stylist


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