The Painted Room

For some people, having an office space means having a home away from home or in this case, and office away from an actual office. Jean Kee of The Painted Room decided to set her office up in her own backyard. As a color consultant, it was important for Jean to have a space she could get her creativity flowing, and she did just that with her private and beautiful work studio. We’re not going to lie here, we are totally jealous!

Wow is all I have to say! Okay so that’s not ALL I have to say but wouldn’t you love to wake up every morning to go work in a space like that? I’m afraid I would get distracted by the beauty of nature right outside my window but I’m sure I could get some work done. What I love about Jean’s space in particular is the fact that it’s technically a home office, but she still manages to leave her home to work.

TheOfficeStylist:What was the inspiration behind your home office setup/design?


Jean: Inspiration?  Simple- the architect Michael Graves!  In need of more space for a home office, I was contemplating yet another addition to my 1937 house, when I spotted an article in the New York Times about Michael Graves and his collaboration with Lindal Cedar Homes and Target to mass produce modular “pavilons”.  I signed on with a local Lindal dealer and was actually the first customer in the US to build one.  The whole concept, including a streamlined 6- week building process, was just so appealing.  We were able to customize some of the features and the scale, materials (glass and cedar) and overall design was just perfect.


TOS:What’s your favorite part of your home office?

Jean: I absolutely love the large circular windows (a Graves signature feature) which afford beautiful views of the trees, birds and mountain laurel outside. This round shape is repeated on a table that sits in the middle of the room.  I spend most of my time, when not at my computer, at this table. It is a tiled table from Morocco that I found at a local antiques store. I often meet with clients around it and there is plenty of room to spread out.  My creative work happens here.

TOS: What is your favorite part of your work day?


Jean: I usually retreat to my studio in late afternoon. The light is just beautiful this time of day and it’s a bit of quiet time before the dinner rush.  I have a great reading chair in the office and can even out my feet up and sink into a book now and then.

TOS: If you could be any office supply, what would it be and why?

Jean: Hmmm…probably a paperclip. It would have to be one of those fun-shaped and wacky-colored ones, not industrial metal–I’m pretty good at pulling things together.  I could also identify with one of those rubber band balls- I’m very bouncy but could snap at any moment!

TOS: What’s on your desk right now?



Jean: On my desk at the moment is my beloved Mac computer, my iPhone, a photo of my three kids, a third cup of coffee, about 5 pairs of reading glasses and a file of invoices that I’m very late sending out!

Jean Molesworth Kee is a certified architectural color consultant and has consulted on numerous projects throughout the greater metropolitan Washington, D.C. area over the past 10 years.   Her clients include homeowners, interior designers, architects and developers. You can see more of Jean at The Painted Room.

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