Tim Mosher’s Masculine Chic Home Office Space {Office Tour}

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All photos courtesy of Ted Thorton.

Describe the office space to us:

For interior designer Lindsay Pennington, designing an office for a Los Angeles-based music composer came easily, as the client was her husband, Tim Mosher. The office is located in Laurel Canyon, just up the street from the musically rich Sunset Strip. Because the space is both an office and a recording studio, much of its décor is multi-functional. Artwork played a major role in establishing the color palette and mood.  Pops of color came in through the rug along with the pillows, which made a connection between the few pieces of artwork in color and varied books and objects.

Where did the inspiration for the office design come from?

I was inspired—as in all my projects—by the client and carefully considering what would resonate with him and inspire him on a daily basis.  Many of my clients have children and/or pets, but this was a space where all that we had to consider, from a practical perspective, was a clean, masculine look without concern for accidental spills of juice on a carpet or the clutter of toys and other belongings.

Location played a big part in the office design. The rich musical history of Laurel Canyon and the nearby Sunset Strip stayed top of mind throughout this project.  Frank Zappa lived on our street; the Doors had a house up the street from us; Jim Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Graham Nash–the list goes on and on of influential musicians who called Laurel Canyon home.  It’s still a very big part of the Laurel Canyon identity, and many contemporary musicians, composers and just avid fans still gravitate to this locale. The vibe is peaceful and funky at the same time.

Artwork played a major role in establishing the color palette and mood.  When we met, Tim already owned this great collection of rock photography, most of which is black-and-white, so for the most part we kept the colors muted and neutral to complement the art.  Pops of color came in through the rug (which was a gift from a friend and fit perfectly) along with the pillows, which made a connection between the few pieces of artwork in color and his varied books and objects.

We already owned almost all the furniture in the office, which made space planning easier.  An exception is the sofa, which converts into a bed for his band members or his writing partner to crash in if they happen to stay over after a long day of work.

Which stores or websites did you go to to purchase your office decor?

I love mixing high and low, vintage with new.  I sourced the chrome etagere from one of my favorite vintage shops in Silver Lake; I found it covered in dust, shoved in a corner in the store’s basement.  The Knoll Spoleto chair is also vintage, and the office desk previously was used by Los Angeles Unified School District–Tim had owned it for years.  I bought key pieces at CB2–the Flex sleeper sofa is such a versatile piece and so affordable, I’m a huge fan.  I’ve convinced at least two of my clients to buy that sofa too!  Because the upholstery is durable, our dogs can sleep on it without leaving a trace and the neutral color allows for a lot of experimentation with pillows.  I also love Hollywood at Home, it’s a terrific resource for designers in LA (they have a website too for out-of-towners!).

Sofa:  Flex Gravel Sleeper Sofa from CB2

Chair: Spoleto Chair from DWR

Coffee Table:  Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table from CB2

Pillows: Khotan Rubia by Zak + Fox; vintage Indian mirrored pillow; all from Hollywood at Home.

What is your favorite part/design of your office design space and why?

In terms of the floor plan, I love the sofa.  Many times, offices collect chairs and your typical work equipment–file cabinets, printers, desks, papers everywhere.  This really is a room that we use as a family–I can sit in there and talk to my husband, we can watch TV, he can nap if wants–all because we approached the studio from the perspective of designing a room, not just an office.  I also love that it really reflects my husband’s tastes and interests. While the entire house is a blend of things we both like, this is a space where he can have things that are uncompromisingly his.

Do you feel that having a well designed and inspiring office has changed the way you work? (Answered by Tim)

Absolutely.  When you work from home, it’s easy to let every day chores and activities interrupt your job.  By having my own office, separate from the house, I’m able to be more productive.

If you could use one word to describe the feel of the office space, what would it be?


Tell us about your company and what it means to you to have a well-designed office space.

Lindsay Pennington embodies effortless style, classic southern charm and colorful design. After moving to California nearly a decade ago she began cultivating her brand of classically designed and comfortable spaces.  For Lindsay, a well-designed office would have an inspiration board to reflect memories and ideas, lots of books, plenty of good task lighting and a dog bed.  Lindsay spends her free time with her husband, two sons, and her rescue dogs Dixie and Georgia.

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