Trend Alert— Brightly Colored Doors

I’m always looking for interesting and easy ways to update a workspace or office. And I’m so in love with painted doors. I’ve been seeing a lot of them on Pinterest, and they work just as well in your office as they do in your home.

Whether its on the outside of your building or the inside side of your door, having a brightly colored entrance is really refreshing and inviting. If you work in a multi-office building, I suggest painting the side facing the inside of your office. That way, the outside of your door will remain neutral and you and guests to your office will still get to experience a brightly hued doorway.

If you have a retail or office storefront, go for the bold door on both sides. Paint it your company color or even your own favorite color. Either way it will stand out against every other boring door on your block.

purple door 2

blue and green doors blue doors neon door orange and pink door

yellow door



pink door red door blue inside yellow black white door


How would you do a brightly colored door? 

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