Working on the Go? Here are 5 things you NEED to have

Working on the go is something that’s become a complete norm now with so many freelancers and telecommuters. Not every job requires travel but I’m talking about even the  day to day of shuffling from meeting to meeting. I’d create a work on the go kit if I could OR you can just round up your own stuff and keep it together.

The essentials:

1. An amazing work bag

great work bag

This is for the gentlemen out there too, a reliable, professional and stylish work bag is a must have. This bag represents you (as the rest of your work attire does) but its also meant to haul around your “office on the go” too. Choose wisely and invest in a great bag, something that can last a LONG time and carry a lot of stuff too. If your bag is in tatters or something comparable to a brown paper bag, you’re not going to be taken seriously and you run the risk of it falling apart before, during or after an important meeting.

2. Office Supplies

energel pens

Its a given but how many times have you scrambled through your car for a pen when yours ran out of ink? Or you had to take a conference call while pulled over on the side of the road but had to take notes on the inside of your hand? You should have 5 pens, a legal pad, sticky notes and maybe even a couple paper clips while on the go. Keep these all with you in your work bag and use other supplies when you’d back at your desk.

3. Tech Accessories/Chargers

apple laptop charger

Again this seems so obvious but then again how many times have you forgotten your laptop charger at home? I keep a laptop charger at my office, one in my home office and another in my car at all times. It may seem like a lot but if you have dedicated chargers for just your work bag, you won’t ever get in a situation where you can’t present your powerpoint because…well your laptop died.

4. Wardrobe “Emergency” Kit

pinch provisions kit

We’ve all been there. That time when you lost a button on a jacket, you forgot to put deodorant on, the zipper broke in your skirt or even worse, you spilled something right before a big meeting. These are things that (unfortunately) happen and its best you come prepared, especially since you’ll need all these items on the go. Kits like the Minimergency Kit come with 17 necessities: pain reliever, adhesive bandage, breath freshener, lip balm, dental floss, hair spray, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, emery board, earring backs, clear elastics, sewing kit, safety pin, double-sided tape, stain remover, tampon and deodorant towelette.

mini emergency kit

5. Healthy Snacks

kind bars 12 pack

This sounds like a given but how many times have you had coffee for breakfast only to go the ENTIRE day without food? Because you’re busy jumping from meeting to meeting or trying to get across town in terrible traffic, having some good snacks will help keep you going and will even help with keeping you more focused.

What do you keep in your work bag? Do you ever run into trouble because you don’t have the essentials?

XOXO sayeh


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