Bored of your space? Re-Style your Workspace in 3 Easy Steps

I get it: sometimes looking at the same workspace every day can be and most likely is-boring. Chances are if you’re bored of your space, it could be distracting you and you may lose some of your focus.  And like any change, re-styling your workspace can seen daunting or overwhelming. But you don’t need to redecorate your whole entire office, you could do 3 pretty easy things to transform it in a snap!

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1. Get Moving! Move, rearrange, etc. 

When I got bored of my current office, I wasn’t about to strip off the purple paint and start over. All I did was move the furniture around. Granted, I moved my desk into a another part of the space, but you can simply rearrange your big pieces within your space. If your desk is currently facing the window, turn it around so you back is now facing the window or the side of the window. Move your bookcase to the opposite wall, move the cabinets or simply just move your chairs. Consider switching/re-arranging your office art and re-styling your bookcase. Even changing the position of your desk accessories could help get rid of your workspace boredom.


wall frames

2. Add an accent wall

If you’re looking for more of a change, try adding an accent wall. A great (and easy way) to achieve this are frames, art, and wall decals. I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere and it really can add impact to a space. These are easy to put up and easy to remove and give your walls a little extra somethin’ somethin’. You can also use decals on furniture if you can’t put them on the walls. This also adds a little depth to your pieces and gives your office an added uniqueness. We had a really blank looking wall in the front part of the office that’s the first thing you see when you walk in. It was a really sad looking wall, so we added a few silver polka dots decals and it completely changed the vibe of the room. Now it looks totally chic and put together!

yellow wall art office

blue desk

3. Add some color + update your art

If you’re looking for an easy change, repainting your office walls is probably not on your mind. But you can still use different colors to get your workspace out of it’s slump. This works especially well if your office walls are white, since any colors you choose will work. You’re most likely feeling bored because you have a brown desk, a black office chair and drab office accessories. Switch these out for something with color to brighten up your space and your mood. I love seeing colorful desks and wall art in an office. It’s something that draws the eye and gives your workspace some instant love.

How would you “de-bore” your workspace?


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