Decorate your Cubicle with Cubicle Paper

Oh yes you read that right. Cubicle paper, as in removable wall paper for your cubicle. Who said you had to stick with boring grays and dark colors while you work 40 + hours a week in your cubby?

Just a few of their designs:

Being that’s it’s such a fabulous and innovative product, we wanted to know a little more about Cubicle Paper and how the idea happened. Take a look below at the interview with the c0-owner of Cubicle Paper.

Interview with Craig Johnson Co-Owner of Cubicle Paper and Sayeh Pezeshki, Editor/Founder of

Describe your ideal cubicle

My ideal cubicle would be somewhat secluded, have high walls, sit by a window, and have enough workspace for me to work comfortably. I don’t need a ton of space, but it is nice to have a little room to work and spread things out if needed.  I am “old school” and still like printouts instead of reading things on the screen all the time. But I do recycle religiously!

If you could pick anywhere in the world to work, where would it be?
Italy – I have never been but it has always been the one place I’ve wanted to visit.

Tell us about your “aha!” moment in starting Cubicle Paper
Every month at my old job, our company would celebrate the people who did outstanding work for the month.  They would give away things like gift cards, good parking spaces, or a day off.  One month they gave away a cubicle makeover.  They used wrapping paper and accessories to decorate the cube like a ‘hip hotel.’  It looked really cool, and little by little it had caught on. People started to bring in their own wrapping paper to decorate their cubicles. However, the general complaint was how big of a hassle it was to trim, re-size, and even put up the wrapping paper. That probably marked the genesis of the Cubicle Paper “aha!” moment.

If you were an office supply, what would you be?
A calculator with the BIG BUTTONS!  Big button calculators rule the world!

What’s your favorite pattern of Cubicle Paper?
The Blue Lagoon (Black and Blue).

What does YOUR cubicle look like?
Right now, messy. Different samples of Cubicle Paper are everywhere because we are working on a collegiate line and new designs to come soon.

Is Cubicle Paper for you? Tell us what you think in the comments below!