Pop’s of Pink + Feminine Chic-Shannon Claire’s Home Office Space

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Describe your office space to us:

My (now former) office space is feminine and funky, with a neutral base and layers of bright colors. Since I work from home, I needed the space to be interesting and inspiring, but not overwhelming!

Where did the inspiration for your office design come from?

It was a long process, I will tell you that. I love the contrast of black and white, so I was inspired by spaces that played up this contrast well. I had inadvertently been collecting items that were either brass or gold, so I used that to add a little glam. And since this was my space, I decided to go overly feminine as well, hence the pops of pink. I’m also really inspired by spaces that can coordinate black and blue beautifully, so I included a little bit of navy velvet on my chairs to keep the space from being too “matchy matchy”. I think that the age-old rule that black and blue don’t go together is no more. I just knew I wanted to have fun with it!

Which stores or websites did you go to to purchase your office decor?

Most of the items in this office were either DIYs or second hand finds, but a few of the key pieces (the desk, Expedit shelving unit) are from Ikea. The table is also from Ikea, via Craigslist. I purchased marble contact paper on Amazon and covered the top of the table for a more custom look. I also painted the legs of the desk gold to make it my own. The rug is from Rugs USA, and the other pieces of furniture were found on Craigslist or at yard sales! I painted both the tall white shelf, as well as the pink and white cabinet. The white bamboo chairs were found at a Habitat ReStore, and my desk chair was found at a hole-in-the-wall thrift store my dad and I happened upon one day. The window valance was a $2 find at a thrift store that I covered with my own fabric. Even the light fixture was a $2.50 thrift store find. My favorite find was the pink bamboo bench which I scored on Craigslist for $20! The small decorative items were collected over time from places like Target, Anthropologie, and Etsy. I didn’t spend much on anything, and I was willing to take the extra time to customize things and make them my own. The most important thing is to look for pieces with good bones. Even thought I have moved. I brought all of these pieces with me because they are so versatile.

What is your favorite part/design of your office design space and why?

I really love the contrast of the black wall. This room is quite large, so I wanted to define it by creating “zones”. The wall is actually painted with chalkboard paint, and even though I never wrote on it, I loved the matte sheen it gave off when the light hit it. I love black walls- they give you such a graphic statement while at the same time defining a space. They’re also great backdrops for gallery walls, TVs, or large abstract paintings! It’s one of the easiest ways that you can make a room go from drab to chic.

Do you feel that having a well designed and inspiring office has changed the way you work?

Absolutely. Being in a creative industry requires constant inspiration to spur that creativity. Even if you work in a windowless cubicle, I think that’s important to bring a little of yourself and the things you love into your work space. Play a little music and light a candle (if you can!) and get to work in your gorgeous space! It is so worth the time and effort. Once the space is completed and you sit at your desk to work, you can feel like a completely new person! I also loved keeping an inspiration board of rotating images/ photos/ swatches that inspired me. It’s like a real-life Pinterest board filled with the things you love.
If you could use one word to describe the feel of your office space, what would it be? cozy-cool-chic. Does it count if it’s hyphenated? 😉

Tell us about your company and it means to you to have a well-designed office space.

I started my own interior design business, Shannon Claire Interiors, one year ago. It’s important for me, as a new business owner, to delineate between my home life and my working at home life, so a designated office space was so important. And like I mentioned before, working in a creative industry requires constant inspiration! If I feel like I’m working in a beautiful environment, it challenges me to be a better designer. It would be so easy to stay in my PJs all day and try to work from my couch, but something about a properly design space helps me wake up, dress up, and put my best foot forward. I’d also feel comfortable bringing clients into this space, which is very important as well!.