Stop hating your workspace: Tips for the hopeless

Whenever I tell someone what I do and what my brand is about, they often think I’ll judge what their office looks like. The initial responses always go like this:

“God I can’t ever let you see my office”

“I bet your office is gorgeous and so organized”

“I need your help!”

“My office is a disaster”

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It’s always funny to me that people think I’d judge their offices, though it’s only half-true haha. I get that not all people care about what their space looks like or care to stay/get organized. I understand it’s not something that YOU find important but unfortunately, the rest of the world cares. Like my friend and stylist always says, what you look like/how you dress effects all parts of your life. The same holds true for your workspace whether you’re the CEO or the summer intern.

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Everything in your life is a representation of who you are. It’s just a fact. If the inside of your car is a messy disaster and client gets into it, they’re going to wonder how well you handle other aspects of your life/business. I once walked into a potential CPA’s office to see if he was a good fit but there were STACKS of files EVERYWHERE and it was a disaster. It was clear he was a mess and that’s the last thing I want when someone is handling my finances.

So you know you SHOULD care but you really don’t. What do you do? Here are 3 tips that can work for you:

1. Remember that this is still you.

You may look at magazines or even browse all the pretty office tours I have on the site and think “how would I do that?”. Well don’t. Remember this is still your space so do what makes you feel good. Don’t think you need to run out and spend a fortune to make the space presentable. Think about your house and what it looks like, feels like to live in and what you love about it. What don’t you love about your workspace? Make lists, do a lot of thinking and remember this space is for you, not a spread in House Beautiful.

2. Ask for a second opinion

You may think you can’t afford a designer’s help but consider a more affordable option if you really don’t know where to start. A lot of my clients have been in person consultations instead of entire re-designs. I come in, take a look around, spend 1.5 hr-2 hrs going over wants, needs, etc. and then assist with the next steps so that you can take it from there. A 2 hour consultation is something most people can afford and it gets them started on something they thought was impossible.

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If you have zero budget, ask your most stylish, design savvy friends/co-workers/clients what they would change about your space and what would make it better.

3. Take Action 

Easier said than done but start with a list and go from there. Even a list is a step in the right direction when you’ve done nothing so far. Make a list of your likes/dislikes of your space along with some spaces you do love. Once you’ve nailed down your vision and what you’re thinking, take inventory of your current furniture/decor and see what can stay and what needs to go. If you’re on a low budget, consider the DIY option like when I made over my cabinet with temporary wallpaper. It was SO easy, quick and cheap too.

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The point is to start this process so that you finally make some changes. Don’t wait until January to add it to your “never going to do this” resolution list. Do it now, start TODAY.

Do you hate your workspace? Would love to know your thoughts below!