Throw out the chalk and paint on the whiteboard

A while ago, I had one of the walls in our office painted with chalkboard paint so that we could keep track of our To-Do list in a big way. Unfortunately, chalk can get a bit messy and not everyone likes using it (my assistant actually has a phobia of chalk).

Luckily for her, and anyone else over the classic chalkboard look, it’s just as easy to turn a wall into a white board.

Whitey Board has a few different options for transforming your home or office into one big writable space. For those who enjoy the simple aesthetics of a bright white wall, they have white whiteboard paint. This would probably work best for a corporate setting, since the walls are probably already white.

Speaking of already painted walls: Whitey Board also makes a clear paint that can be used over an already painted wall. The look is so seamless that you might scare a few people when you start taking a pen to your walls. I love this because you won’t have to sacrifice your custom paint job for functionality.

And if you’re really going to miss that blackboard feel, Whitey Board also has a black whiteboard paint, so you can have the best of both worlds. Grab yourself a few metallic pens and you’re in business.

Which whiteboard look would you use in your space?

-Sayeh, The Office Stylist


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